Carson Lipe Headshot

My name is Carson Lipe. I am a sophomore from Carroll County and iLead Academy. I am in the criminal justice pathway, studying to become an attorney. Currently, I work for Monk and Marsh law firm.

Vice President

Duncan Mills Headshot

I'm Duncan Mills, a junior from Henry County, VP, and a computer science student. When not coding, I play trombone, tuba, and guitar, fueling my creativity. Music and programming unexpectedly complement each other, enhancing my skills.


Edwin Rodriguez Headshot

My name is Edwin Rodriguez, I am a sophomore engineer from Carroll County and I am the TSA iLEAD Chapter Secretary.


Jack Chowning Headshot

My name is Jack Chowning, I am a junior engineer from Carroll County and I am the TSA iLEAD Chapter Treasurer


Michael Porter Headshot

I'm Michael Porter, the senior Historian who crafts the website and newsletters. I possess 2 IT Specialist Certifications (Java and Python) and plan 3 more this semester.

Sergeant of Arms

Lilly Frye Headshot

Hello! My name is Lilly Frye. I am currently a junior in the computer science and biomedical pathways. I am involved in CCHS Dance Team and NHS and serve as our chapter’s current Sargent-at-Arms.